Our First NCT Antenatal Class

After what feels like months of waiting, we finally attended our first antenatal class held by the NCT today. Not one for being held in a room with a bunch of strangers, I was both excited and apprehensive about attending. When we first arrived, one of my biggest fears were realised “Audience Participation.” Hoping I could just sit there, at the back of a room soaking up the information, we walked through the doors to the horror of a circle of chairs, you know, the kind of layout you see in the movies and on TV shows where people are attending an Alcoholics Anonymous class.

There were 8 couples in total (including Jen and I) sat in silence like naughty little school kids waiting for things to start. The lady running things seemed nice enough, she introduced herself and I prayed that she would just start getting “into it,” but no, she insisted we go around the room introducing ourselves by giving our name and one “positive” and one “negative” thing about the pregnancy so far. I sat there planning the perfect response, but as I wait for my turn; someone stole my answers! Frantically I started thinking of something else to say so as not sound like I was just “copying,” nailed it, the perfect response, now I just need to remember what it is when my turn comes around.

I sat there patiently going over what i’m going to say in my head, then the worst happened, someone stole my answer again! what are they, psychic? I’m next, there is no more time to think, I have to just come out with something, anxious and embarrassed, my mouth opens, something comes out and i’m not sure what I’m saying, but at least it’s not “erm.” people laugh and I just try and convince myself that  it’s with me and not at me and frantically gesture to Jen that it is now her turn.

Thinking that the worst if it is over, I relax somewhat and let the course leader take charge, she decides we have not been tortured enough and further audience participation is required, this time I am to be ripped away from my comfort blanket that is Jen and we are to be split up into “mums” and “dads” groups while we complete a frustratingly contrived activity about emotions and feelings…

Luckily, the discomfort ended there and when we regrouped the course leader took charge and completed the remainder of the 2 and a half hour class. In all, I quite enjoyed what the class had to offer, yes it was difficult at times and I was so far out of my comfort zone it did make things awkward, but all the people there were nice and you could easily appreciate that they too were feeling just as awkward as I was.

We have a few more classes to attend over the next few weeks, the next being this Sunday only this time it’s a massive 4 hours long, I’m not sure what is going to be covered, but I am not so secretly hoping that it has minimal audience participation.

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