Whether you're in need of a professional promotional video to showcase your business, a high impact product video to excite your social media followers or a timeless property tour to clinch that deal. Look no further. 

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Product Videos

Great For : Physical Products, Crowd Funding Websites Like Kickstarter

Dive into the nuances that make your product special, from time warping slow motion to lifestyle videos. A product video is a great way to increase engagement on social media, and can quickly and easily get the message you need to new customers.

Property Videos

Great For : Estate Agents, Private Vendors, Property Websites

From commercial property to luxury houses, a carefully crafted property video helps sell a property. A fantastic time saving tool for vendors and estate agents. Property videos allow potential purchasers to get a clear idea for the suitability of a property, freeing your time to focus on selling the right property to the right person.

Property videos can be a simple "fly through" video to showcase the key features of your property, or an in depth guided tour with your in house estate agent.

Promotional Videos

Great For : All Businesses, Services, Start-ups, 

Taking pride of place on your website, running in the background at trade shows or sending out to potential clients, a promotional video is designed to help sell your business when you're not necessarily there to do it yourself.


Great For : All Businesses

Interviews take many forms, but at heart, they give you an opportunity to address your audience with a curated set of questions that concisely convey your message. 

Event Videos

Great For : Festivals, Concerts, Town Fairs, Schools, Weddings

If you're looking for someone to attend an event to document the day, whether that be a festival, wedding, school fair and beyond, an event video could be for you. Showcasing the best bits of the day is great for promoting future events or allowing you and your attendees to reminisce over how good the day was.

Training Videos

Great For : All Companies, Products

Training videos come in useful when you want to demonstrate to customers how to use their new product, or for companies wanting to offer consistent and repeatable in house training, whether that be for new starters or for providing ongoing training on certain topics to an established workforce.


Below is a brief overview of the things that might take place during the production of your video. The size and scope of your project dictates the exact requirements and how long each stage will take. The production cycle can appear to be a daunting process, but it needn't be. 

If you have any questions about any aspect of production, be sure to ask. 


Pre-production is done before a camera is even switched on. Script writing, preparing interview questions, casting, storyboarding and planning & scheduling the shoot can all form the beginning stages of your video. For many videos, pre production might be as simple as a meeting to discuss your needs, for larger projects, more in depth pre-production work will be needed.


Production is the part of the process you probably thought of when you considered having a video created. That's the bit where we shoot the footage. Most projects will be wrapped up in a day or less. You probably won't need to be present on the day, that is unless you are appearing in the video.


Editing, graphics, special effects, music mixing, soundtrack, sound design and voice over all take place in post-production. 


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