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YouTube Channels

Diving head into online video creation, I have three different channels focusing on three different markets.

Christopher Oxley

My "Christopher Oxley" YouTube channel aims to help fellow content creators make the most of their gear to create videos with the best production values.


The Oxleys Daily

Daily vlogging since 2015, I have hundreds of videos that puts a spotlight on my family life.

From vacations, public holidays and day trips to the birth of my Son, you will always find me with a camera in my hand.


Project Dad

There are so many "mummy channels" on YouTube, but the Dad's perspective is often left ignored.

With traditional, "sit down" style videos, get a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of being a father.

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App Developer

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My Apps

From quilt design apps to apps to find your favourite baby name.


Quiltography / $14.99 / iPad

Quiltography is a unique, time and money saving mobile digital quilt design tool for the modern quilter. Reduce the need to buy expensive quilt patterns, limit fabric wastage and make it quick and easy to search and audition fabrics to help design your next quilt. 

Subbies / FREE/ iPhone iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

Track your channel's YouTube Subscriber count on the go from your phone AND from your wrist with the Apple Watch app, complications and glances.

Compare your subscriber count to top YouTubers like Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Joe Sugg, just search and add.

photoQuilt / $4.99/ iPhone, iPad

If you have ever wanted to turn photos into quilts, this app is for you. Simply import a photo of your choosing, and, in the blink of an eye, Quiltography will turn your image into a unique pixellated quilt design.

This is just a sample of my apps available for Apple Devices, be sure to check them all out by clicking the button below.